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6 Advantages of Professional Dent Repair

Red Car With Dents
Whether your car has suffered a minor ding that's an ideal candidate for paintless dent repair or it has more extensive damage, you may be tempted to try a DIY dent-fixing option. But popping out dents on your own is not the foolproof, cost-effective option you may have heard. Here are six advantages of getting the dent repaired professionally.
1. Insurance Coverage
Unless you already have a garage full of professional-quality auto repair tools, you'll need to go shopping before you can do any DIY dent repairs. The right tools for the job can be very expensive, and your insurance is pretty much guaranteed not to cover this expense. It won't pay you for your time, labor, and research either. 
On the other hand, auto insurance often will cover professional repair, at least to some degree. 
2. Money Savings
However, you may carry minimal insurance that won't cover any of the costs of the dent repair you need. Believe it or not, you'll often still find it more cost-effective to choose a professional repair in this situation. Some reasons for this fact include:
  • The high percentage of dents that require expensive, specialized tools
  • The high percentage of DIY dent repairs that just end up making the problem worse
  • The fact that even a relatively successful DIY repair could damage your car's resale value
As you can see, an at-home repair may not be the money-saving venture you were hoping it would be.
3. Time Savings
Sending your car to the shop for a half-day may not seem like a time-saving measure, but think of it this way: You don't have to spend any of your own time on the repair. And if you're not already a dent repair expert, the time it would take includes at least several hours for research and tool acquisition plus the actual hands-on work.
4. Professional Touch
If you worked on car dents day in, day out for years at a time, you would become much more skilled at finessing each dent back into place with a minimum of fuss, leaving the car's previously dented surface looking as good as the rest of the car. That's what dent repair professionals are trained to do; their expertise and skill help ensure a maximally positive outcome.
5. Structural Repair
Some dents are just surface damage. Others, though, can actually compromise your car's structural integrity. It may not seem like a big deal since it's not visible from outside. However, structural damage can make your car more likely to crumple up in an accident and less able to absorb shocks and protect you. This can be a life-or-death difference.
Repair professionals can assess all the damage done to the car, checking to make sure there's no structural damage before starting in on the dent repair. And if they do find structural damage, your car is exactly where it needs to be for auto body repairs.
6. Peace of Mind
Often, professionals look askance at DIY repair options not because they can't be a good repair option, but rather because the results are so unpredictable. With a DIY repair, you could end up with pretty good results if you're lucky or extremely skilled. Or you could think you've fixed it, but then end up with a rust problem. Or you could easily cause more damage instead of fixing the dent.
With a professional option, you don't have to worry about these kinds of problems. The results are much more predictable, so you can have peace of mind about the repair.
Although you can always try to repair dents in your vehicle at home, these six reasons demonstrate why letting a professional do the repair for you can make your life easier.
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